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Investing is close to the hearts of many, with the understanding that it is a smart move that has earned a lot of money to many people. P robably, the scary part about investing is where people are afraid of losing all their money with some not willing to engage in all the work that is involved to make money. B ut investment is not all about fear of risks and work. E ven though there are valid concerns about risks and the amount of work that goes into investing, there are things you can do and steps you can follow to get started on a long term investment plan. L et me take you through the steps of basic simple investing that can inspire a proper mindset that you need to succeed. Draw your personal financial guideline. For any investment, you need your plan clearly laid out, and with the following starter questions; a)  How much are you planning to invest? b)  What are you investing in? c)  Do you have sufficient information regarding the investment option. W hile on this, you must weig